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When you have digestive discomfort or stomach pains in Allentown, PA, you can turn to Gastroenterology Associates, Ltd. for expert gastroenterological care. We offer a wide range of different gastroenterological services including clinical nutrition, flexible sigmoidoscopy, endoscopy procedure, colonoscopy procedure, and colon cancer screening. You will be seen by a gastro doctor with many years of experience in the field of gastroenterology. Your gastrologist will provide you with the diagnostic procedures that are needed to make a treatment plan that is unique to your digestive health needs.


At Gastroenterology Associates, we offer premium care form a GI doctor and Upper GI doctor who are apart of the Gastroenterology Association. Your gastrologist will determine whether your treatment will involve a sigmoidoscopy, endoscopy procedure, colonoscopy procedure, or any other type of gastroenterology procedures.


Our Services Include:


• Colonoscopy

• Endoscopy

• Sigmoidoscopy

• Clinical nutrition

• We are an infusion center


Our practice offers the highest levels of quality gastroenterology procedures from a knowledgeable GI doctor or upper GI doctor from the Gastroenterology Association. Our gastroenterology specialists have almost 50 years of experience providing trusted gastroenterology services for our patients in Allentown, PA. In addition, many of our staff have been with us for 15 years. You can feel confident knowing that your gastrologist will help you resolve your digestive issues and regain optimum health and well being.


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If you need gastroenterological care in Allentown, PA contacts Gastroenterology Associates to schedule an endoscopy, colonoscopy procedure, colon cancer screening, or flexible sigmoidoscopy. We offer expert care from experienced gastroenterology specialists offering the diagnostic procedures and gastroenterological services you can depend on. Call us at to meet with a gastro doctor today.



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